Snooker Centrum Maastricht is located just outside the city center of Maastricht, which you can reach us easily by car, bus or bicycle. To see a route planner see contact.

We have 15 9ft. pool tables, 2 snooker tables and 3 darts.


We also have a small menu like sandwiches, hamburgers and even hot baguettes, which you can enjoy it in our cozy lounge. There is also a large screen, which regularly broadcast sporting events.

Table rental:

9ft - € 10,00 per hour.
9ft match table - € 11,50 per hour.


14:00-18:00 - € 9,00 per hour.

18:00-02:00 - € 11,00 per hour.

weekend - € 11,00 per hour.


Darts: €5,00 per hour 


Studentcard 10% discount. Attention: show before play. Not valid from friday through sunday. 

Consumption is required!


In collaboration with Poolscool, you can get lessons from a professional instructor at a reduced price
of €17.50 per person per hour. For multiple persons receive a discount, further information and

reservation please contact us or send us an email



Game rules:

- 8 ball - you can download the 8 ball rules in pdf-file: click here

- 9 ball - you can download the 9 ball rules in pdf-file: click here

- snooker - you can download the snooker rules in pdf-file: click here



You can apply a membership for pool or snooker. The cost of membership is € 70.00 per year and € 5.00 for a single membership card.
- You will get 30% off table rent
- Training Rate € 3.50 per hour (if tables are available )



There are also possibilities to play competition in our snooker center as we joined the KNBB. More information can be obtained from the bar or visit the website of the KNBB see links.